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Over the weekend, key news sources like Ars Technica and Tech Crunch took new music service Q-Trax at their word when they claimed to have licenses from all the major labels. Then the LA Times revealed that this wasn’t true – but the Times of London STILL believed the company. Finally the BBC verified it was all hogwash.

Rumors I recently discussed of Windows 7 shipping early are just wishful thinking.

What do you do for an encore after Technorati? Launch a HotOrNot for websites. Yow!

Rumor is that much bigger layoff’s are coming to Yahoo than previously believed. Here’s your handy cheat sheet on the bottom-line ramifications.

At last – the pen is mightier than the mouse.

Lego turns fifty, and Google celebrates. As well they should – their first drive array was built around Lego’s – and let’s not forget their office art in New York.

The robber barons may have been rich – but not even they could give their passengers the convenience of broadband wireless networking. A century later WiFi finally comes to the iron horse.

At last – a flashlight that can start your campfire and cook your marshmallows!


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