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cat_blackberry I remember, back in the day, seeing Cat Schwartz on the wonder that was TechTV. Along with the likes of Leo Laporte, Sarah Lane, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose and… Dan she would bring us all that is great in tech, and make it entertaining and educational. That was 2003. Cat was one of the original hot girls in tech.

I saw Cat on TV this morning and thought I’d drop a quick post about her.

Cat has many acclamations (see IMDB link below) here’s a sample of her bio according to her site:

Catherine Schwartz is one of the foremost tech experts in the country. She is widely known for her electric commentary on the hottest gadgets and how to use them. As The HiTechMommy and eBay Gadget Director, Schwartz educates consumers on the wide breadth and depth of consumer electronics in an approachable way. [read more]

Cat on IMDB