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Printers have evolved, they’ve been evolving for a while now.

We’ve moved a long way from side perforated dot matrix printing.

If you print anything at all these days (because we’re all going paperless, right?) you’re more likely to print a photo, label or postage.

Yes, trips to the post office have gone out of fashion too.

You don’t need a huge great inkjet printer taking up your desk either, specialized printers lie those used for labels and stamps aren’t a lot bigger than the label itself now.

Though they’re specific as to what they print these label printers are by no means limited in how they’re printing what they’re printing.

Take the Dymo company for example. For many years they’ve been at the forefront of any and all labeling technologies.
Dymo has a variety of printers available for printing your labels and online online stamps. Let’s look at a couple of your options from the Dymo LabelWriter series.

There’s the LabelWriter Twin Turbo which allows you to load two types of labels or stamps into the machine so that you don’t have too change the reel each time you want to print. (costs about $190)

There’s the LabelWriter 400 ($110) and the LabelWriter 400 Turbo ($140) which are great for express printing right on your desk.

Oh and also, did you notice that I didn’t use the words ‘ink’ or ‘toner’? well, there’s a good reason for that.  These beauties don’t use any!  they use thermal printing. Never replace a cartridge!