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Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization is hard. There’s no question that there are many people and companies who oversell the theories and make all kinds of promises.

There are reputable companies out there though.You just need to know where to look and what to look for.

I stumbled across the site for Reciprocal Consulting this morning. They’re whole thing is marketing based on ROI, which is something of a novel idea.

Lots of companies read a quick synopsis of what your company does and make all the SEO/Marketing decisions for you. What I noticed about Reciprocal Consulting is that they take much more of a personal approach, again, novel.

Reciprocal Consulting, a marketing firm, interviews select staff members, the make suggestions based on your budget (instead of those who tell you what they can and will do and how much it will cost you) .

It’s nice too see a company with evident search engine and Internet marketing knowledge using such personal and ethical strategies.

Reciprocal Consulting focuses on Internet Marketing and Pay Per click.  Their site is professional, descriptive and has some very interesting case studies to browse through.

If you’re interested in marketing or are looking for marketing services check out Reciprocal Consulting.