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morgan_webbThe ever beautiful Morgan Webb made a guest appearance on the Tyra Banks show recently. The theme of the show being people who don’t spend enough time with their significant others.
Morgan piped up when a couple was introduced who’s male half spends too much time gaming.

She noted the three types of (male) gamers.

  • Fantasy Fanatics
  • Warriors
  • Sports gamers

Not being a gamer, I don’t think I fall into any of the categories.

I kind of surprised me that she sided with the girl in this case and not the gamer. Mind you, this is the Tyra Banks show. I’ve heard from other guest that it’s completely set up how Tyra wants it and the people on the show say exactly what she wants them too. Morgan – don’t tell me you stooped, pleeeeease.

Video follows.  What kind of gamer are you?

Via GizmoDiva