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Frustration with Traditional Tech Support Leads to Innovative New Solution

(ARA) – A night before an important business meeting in New York City, Yair Grindlinger and Doron Elgressy were incredibly frustrated. “A wireless link we were trying to establish between two computers in different hotel rooms failed and Yair’s entire email system crashed,” they explain. “We had backups, but could not figure out how to convert the file format to work with Outlook.”

So they searched online for a tech support company that could help, but after more than an hour of searching, and a useless consult from a local tech service, they were frustrated — to say the least. The two gentlemen spent the rest of the night, long into the wee hours of the morning, researching the problem and eventually, they came up with a solution on their own.

Just like Grindlinger and Elgressy, when most people have a technical problem with their home or work computer, they want to get it fixed right away. They don’t want to be put on hold for thirty minutes or be passed around from agent to agent and told “your call is very important to us,” and then wait for an eternity to eventually speak to someone who may or may not be able to help.

Well, now you can get help instantly through a unique online tech support service called SupportSpace, a company started by Grindlinger and Elgressy in the aftermath of their ordeal. “When we started the company, we had one very simple, but not easy-to-achieve objective. We wanted to raise the bar and deliver a better and different kind of tech support,” says Grindlinger. “I like to think we’ve done it.”

“What makes SupportSpace special is that we offer the consumer something that has been entirely missing in the world of tech support – we give customers immediate access to certified experts who solve problems immediately. And, we created an easy-to-use online customer experience that is far superior to any other tech support alternative,” says Elgressy.

You can get immediate live help 24/7 by logging onto On the home page, you simply type a little bit of information about your problem into the search bar and a list of qualified experts will pop up. You can immediately see if experts are online (offline or busy) and then simply scroll through the names, read about their areas of expertise, see feedback from other customers, and then click “Connect Now” to start a session. It’s that simple. No waiting on hold. No recorded messages. No language issues.

The system worked like a charm for Ron Fahy of Half Moon Bay, Calif. “I had recently switched Internet providers and was all of a sudden unable to send out e-mail,” he explains. “Every time I’d try to add a Word document as an attachment, the program tried to send it through my old account and I couldn’t figure out how to switch it to my new one.”

The SupportSpace expert he selected logged on to his computer remotely, determined the cause of the problem that had been causing him grief for several weeks and fixed it within 10 minutes. “It wasn’t a complicated problem, but I’m not very computer literate and never would have figured it out. I am so grateful for the help I got from SupportSpace,” says Fahy.  

Before being allowed to join the SupportSpace network each expert must successfully solve technical problems during three separate mock support sessions. Those who have certifications from Microsoft, Cisco or any other vendor are requested to provide their documentation to a third party for verification. Experts also go through a background check to prove they are trustworthy. “We’re so confident in the abilities of our experts, we offer a money back guarantee on all services,” says Grindlinger.  

Computer problems aren’t the only technical issues SupportSpace experts can solve. SupportSpace experts can also resolve problems related to popular consumer gadgets: digital cameras, PDAs, iPods, removable storage drives and more.

Want to test the service out? The next time you have a technical problem, log on to and find the expert who is right for you.

“The days of the call center are numbered. We are setting a new standard for tech support,” says Grindlinger.

Courtesy of ARAcontent