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Why can’t more states be like Arizona?!

It’s unusual that any kind of Government entity from anywhere recognizes Social Media as a platform to get their message across. Arizona is using social media and thy seem to be doing it pretty well, all in the name of online boating safety!

It’s Summer and even though getting your boat (should you be lucky enough to have one) isn’t cheap because of the gas prices lots of people are doing it.

Drinking and boating seem to be scarily synonymous too, mix drinking and water and you pretty much get a negative outcome.

Anywho, the fine state of Arizona is using the Internet and Social Networking/media to promote Boating Education Online.
The web site is called Boating Operating Under the Influence (actually not BUI, it’s OUI – ‘Operating Under the Influence’) it’s simple, to the point, usable and full of videos ( a couple to follow) and information on Boating Education Online, as well as handy boating education classes. .

Kudos the the Arizona Government people who put together the site, program and had the foresight to get the word out using the Internet.

Pittsburgh (and Pennsylvania as a whole) where is ours?

Remember to boat safe, Boat Smart, Boat Sober and take a boating education class online or find out where to take one in person.






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