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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a really neat technology with a lot of potential. I have RFID in my passport. you likely have products that you brought into your home that have or had RFID tags on them. They’re often the square type, spiraly type sticker.

There’s a lot of cool technology out there in the RFID and asset tracking industries. I’d like to focus on one company in particular right now. Intermec just redesigned their site (which looks really good by the way) and they’re showcasing they’re comprehensive product line.

There is so much involved in tagging, programming, tracking, scanning and printing these magical little tags – even I don’t know how this stuff really works.

Even just looking through the product line taught me a few things. Did you know there are is a bunch of different types of RFID tags? I thought they were just the flay, spirally ones.
There are antennas, handheld readers, fixed readers, printers, programmers and more.

What’s neat is that Intermec seems to have everything you need to take care of your rfid tags and tagging needs. They even have OEM products if you’d like to integrate to products into your own line.

How and where have you seen RFID used? What do you think of the technology?