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Chris Brogan shared an interesting article through Google Reader.

Dave Winer noted that Om Malik and Robert Scoble are asking whether services like Twitter should charge super users. They’re being called "high spew users". I’d call them "Spewsers"

There are certain exponential’s that come into play here. Simply because of how Twitter is designed, the more followers a user has the higher their server load. More people follow and see other tweets by other people, they follow those people and thus increase followers and server load all-round.

Some might say, if you’re using a service and taking full advantage of it (i.e hundreds of thousands of users) you should pay for it.

Others bring up that Twitter is offering the service for people to take full advantage of. Maybe if Twitter starts charging then competition will spring up and make things a whole lot more complicated.

It’s not like Twitter needs money – they have quite a bit.

It’s something to think on though. Where does use of a service end and abuse of a service begin?