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There are certain rules in life, one being, If Microsoft offers you $47.5 billion ($33 per share) for your company –  SELL!
It doesn’t matter you you are, what you do or (often) what principles you have, a) it’s Freaking Microsoft and b) it’s $47.5 billion dollars!

Why would you not sell to them when they’re offering $33 per share and the same day watch your shares drop to $23 per share (July 12 1729 est).
Either Yahoo has something huge planned or they’re just plain crazy.

So, you want $37 per share – you’ve lost your corner of the market, Google still  dominates and you might have had a fighting chance if you teamed up with one of the other top search providers and the World’s #1 software manufacturer but noooooo.

Apparently Yahoo says that only $33 per share wouldn’t be in their shareholders best interests…. and $23 is?!

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