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image The TechBurgh blog has joined the network of more than 4,000 blogs using the Disqus Comment system.

While going through my Podcasts today I happened across the latest WallStrip Podcast. WallStrip is the only Finance-type Podcast I check out regularly.
The lovely Julie Alexandria interviewed Daniel Han, Co-founder of the Disqus Comment system
What a great idea!!

Here’s how Disqus puts it:

Disqus makes your comments more interactive for readers and easier to manage for you — all while connecting your community with other blogs.

And we all know that we can’t get enough help drumming up comments on the TechBurgh blog :-p

It really is great. It’s free first of all. You sign up and install the plugin into your (WordPress or other) blog. Activate it. Put in your Disqus URL ( ) and off you go!

Not a lot changes. It takes the WordPress comments box and replaces it with it’s own.
I chose to replace only posts where there are no comments, so all previous comments will remain and new posts will be Disqus’d.

Through the Disqus system you can register when commenting and gain (or loose) popularity as you comment through other commenters voting you up or down (Digg style).
Also, you comment centrally too and others in other parts of Disqus can see what you’re commenting on and comment on it too – making it more than a comment and more a discussion for every post. Consider it spreading your comments around.

As a Disqus user you are given your own page to show what you’re commenting on within the system ( ) you can follow other Disqus users too.

You can have Disqus manage trackbacks and set up different moderation settings and different moderators right in the Disqus web site as well as approve or deny comments should you choose to.

There is a widget too that you can quickly install to show your top commenters.

Oh, you don’t have to register to comment either. You can post ‘unverified’.

In all it’s a great system and I’m happy to have it on the blog.

See more at and let us know if you sign up.