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(ARA) – History is making history on the World Wide Web. With a click of the mouse, lifelong historians and those who just caught the history bug are taking to the Internet in record numbers to explore its nearly limitless access to times gone by. Today, with our country engaged in war and Americans everywhere expressing their heartfelt appreciation of our armed services, it’s no surprise that military history sites are reporting unprecedented Web traffic.
A new online television network at is capturing its share of cyber-surfing history buffs with its vast collection of vintage and contemporary footage — available 24 hours a day. Co-sponsored by the United States Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C., NAVY TV is organized like a traditional broadcast network with channels and episodes. The site also provides an interactive forum for the larger Navy community of active duty, veterans, civilian workers and families. 

“There’s no doubt that our Navy film library is a key draw,” explains Jim Franco, CEO of EFX Media, co-sponsor of NAVY TV. “Our footage is extensive and increasing daily. For military history enthusiasts, we’re a one-stop treasure trove of top quality, classic Navy films such as ‘Operation Sunshine,’ a 1958 story about the USS Nautilus narrated by broadcast legend Edward R. Murrow.”

Rear Adm. Richard A. Buchanan, USN (Ret.), President and CEO of the Navy Memorial, invites all of the site’s visitors to register for e-mail alerts that herald important events in Navy history. “On June 4th,” he notes, “we reminded people about the landmark Battle of Midway, a turning point in World War II that marked the first Japanese naval defeat since 1592. When people clicked on the link we sent, they could watch an Academy Award-winning collection of footage that captured all the drama and heroism of that epic fight.” 

Visitors regularly comment on the site’s historical selections. After watching “The Battle of Midway,” one user wrote, “People who love history will enjoy this video. It’s a long way from Jules Verne!”

Another popular page is “U.S. Navy Today,” featuring video shorts on ships, naval aviation, submarines, the medical community, special warfare and even the Navy Band. Straight from the fleet, these clips are created by the Navy and posted daily. 

Since the site was launched last November, viewers have been posting comments, greetings and even their own videos. They use the site to tell their own Navy stories, find fellow shipmates and share memories.

For information about NAVY TV and to submit your own video, visit or call the United States Navy Memorial at (202) 737-2300.

Courtesy of ARAcontent