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ICANN will soon be voting on two major new domain proposals.

  1. Making the very text in domains more international, adding the capabilities to have Chinese, Arabic or Cyrillic text
  2. Allowing the use of more character  -letter and number combinations up to 64 characters.

This would, pretty much cause the entire world to go crazy and there would be an absolute rush on Domain names and a whole lot of registrations and squatting.

In theory, upon the approval of these new rules I could register meaning that anything that has the extension ‘.techburgh’ is a part of the TechBurgh entity.

ooooh or I could register – now there’s an extension that will be sought after.

Of course, the Adult Industry will go nuts assuming any of this happens. The ‘.sex’ and ‘.xxx’ will be allowed and there will be a total rush for them

Which domain extension would you like to see and why?

[see the explanation video here]

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