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fd5ad3003fdd4451b234a281693e9859 Reference: File Extension Library

File extensions area crucial part of any file and it’s name. Nowadays you may not see the extension so much but it’s there. The extension tells your computer what type of file your file is and what application to use to open it.

For example, the picture above likely has an extension of .jpg, telling the computer that it is an image file. This page likely has the extension of .php, telling your browser that it’s pretty safe to display.

The extension is normally the three letters and/or numbers after the period in a file name. Newer operating systems don’t show the extension but it’s still a part of the name.

Sometimes there is a weird extension that even I wouldn’t understand though, that’s where the File Extension Library comes in.
If I wanted to look up the file extension FLV I can just look it right up in the library and find out that it’s a Flash Video Format (I already knew that)

What’s nice is that the site tells you all about the extension and what applications will open it. It’s very informative.

Do you know what a .3gp is?