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f4a1fbdb1dc74c7381cab27f83c46fe3 Where to find Windows Process Error Info

The idea behind the Application Error Blog is that it be a tool to everyone who uses Windows and has problems with it…. yes, pretty much everyone who uses Windows has a problem with it at some point.

The writers at the Application Error research those pesky processes (good and bad) that come as a part of Windows. Processes are the little things that Windows uses to perform actions, They go wrong. It’s nice to know why it went wrong, what caused it to go wrong, how to make it right and hopefully prevent the error from popping up again.

It’s an upcoming blog, there’s a fair bit of information in there already. This is one of those blogs that can keep going forever though or at least for as Microsoft Windows has the ability to error – forever.

For example, if I had an issue with the installshield service agent.exe I can pull it up right there and read a full page of information (a lot of which I don’t understand) about everything involved in the process.

Think of this blog as a very informative tool, yes there will be those among us who will use it and understand it more than others but I’m sure we’ll all have a use for it at some point.