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a17b47de6722450d9d6a91ec2c5403cf Buy binoculars, get a gift card

Between now and December 31st is giving away a $25 or a $50 gift card when you buy a Nikon ATB binocular.

The ATB in Nikon ATB stands for All Terrain Binocular.
Nikon has always had a great reputation for anything that has a lens and the ATB Binocular is no exception. After researching them some I found that they really do seem to be the choice for outdoor professional. They’re known for their ruggedness and value.

To get a gift card you just have to buy from the ATB range. Choose from the Monarch, Trailblazer, Action Extreme or Prostaff binocular and you’ll receive a gift card. They even throw in some Free ATB Pro Gear!

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