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c5051d1d0fd34329bea876ceab10cfda Don’t get trampled on Black Friday

Times are hard, they have been for a few years now but this year has been especially harsh to a lot of people.

Christmas is coming, lots of people want for lots of things and we’re all looking for help wherever we can with our Finances. Normally the day after Thanks Giving, (to retailers in the US known as Black Friday because their account ledgers hopefully go from being in the red to happily being in the black) is a saving grace for many shoppers because stores often offer much lower prices. It’s a good time to buy those Christmas Gifts.

The problem with Black Friday is that people in general go crazy, absolutely nuts. Shoppers have been injured in stampedes at the stores. People line for days to be the first to get the deals and above all it’s terribly inconvenient and dangerous. .

Luckily we smarter people have the Internet. There are sites like that bring you the deals of Black Friday without the hassle of getting to the stores and trying to get out alive. even offers email alerts to let you know about the deals as soon as they’re happening, where they’re happening and how.

The nice people at are nice enough to offer ad scans so that you know what the stores are offering. Straight from the horses mouth as it were.

There aren’t a lot of ads on the site as of yet. All the more reason to get on the mailing list so that you can find out what’s happening as soon as it does. I know I’ll be waiting for the NewEgg announcement