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There’s a big difference between cheap and inexpensive. I try to use the word inexpensive where appropriate, cheap to me means… well, cheap. However, the word inexpensive is often too long for a headline :-p

I grew up a small town kind of a guy; believing in community, good business and making what you need, helping others and all that good stuff.

A problem with a person like be going in business is that customers are wary because you’re not like everyone else. “Why are your prices so low?” and “What’s the catch?” are things I hear all too often. My normal retort is “we’re not everyone else”. Yes, I should probably think up something better than that.

Yes, price is important but how often do you consider how low a price is when looking for a web hosting company do you consider it negatively?

Just because another company or group of companies sets the pricing standards for an industry does that mean everyone has to adhere to  the same standards?

Take a look at, learn what companies are charging, learn why they’re charging, what they are offering and what kind of service they give.

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