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In the past certain types of companies had to made do with whatever software was readily available at the time, pick and mix between traditional (non digital) record keeping, or mish-mash different applications. has a rather nice business management software suite that caters to the personal service industry, they offer titles that include Online Scheduling Software, Dance Studio Software and Fitness Club Software.

There are some users in service related industries aren’t the most computer savvy individuals out there. Others are just too plain busy to worry about complicated, expensive software suites, this is why MindBodyOnline came up with solutions that take care of pretty much everything.

Scheduling, management, marketing, client tracking, it’s all taken care of.

There’s versatility too. In the service industry there’s versatility and variety that’s for sure. You could run a hair salon, tanning salon, or health club, you could teach yoga, martial arts or… anything else, this is the stuff for you.

When they say complete, they really mean complete. They’ve considered credit card processing, interactive check-in, client management, event notifications and more.

It’s complete integration, an absolute solution that a number of high profile facilities are using already.

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