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I admit, I have a very bleak outlook of treadmills. They’ve never worked for me and any I’ve seen in people’s homes have resembled clothes hangers over treadmills. Do you have a treadmill?

Hmm, that’s all pretty beside the point. A treadmill guru web site came across my desk and got me thinking, what makes a person a ‘guru’.

Now, the general definition of the word Guru seems to be something relating to someone with extensive knowledge, particularly of a spiritual nature. Literally it can mean ‘teacher’.

I’ve always thought that the terms expert and guru are relative. i,e if I know a lot more about a topic than you do that makes me an expert. Do you agree?

The tread mill subject is a prime example. The most I know about treadmills is that they’re populated by fitness nuts and it’s more than slightly funny when people fall off them. I think I’d check out a site like if I needed information on Treadmills.

Are you a guru? how about an expert?


p>What do you think makes someone a guru?