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At PodCamp Pittsburgh this year we started a community blog called OMGPittsburgh. The idea being that, with all the talented bloggers in Pittsburgh can post personal experience posts to the  imageblog partly to give Pittsburgh come of the exposure it rightly deserves and partly to build an awesome blog!

If you have one great writer on a blog it’s going to succeed, if you have many great writers it’s going to be even better!

OMGPittsburgh is proof that community blogs work. With 29 authors and more than 6 pages of posts it’s going from strength to strength.

Community blogs aren’t just for experienced, veteran bloggers either. I managed to persuade a friend of mine to post to the blog about his adventures (see Mike’s posts here).

Community blogs are as easy to set up as ‘normal’ blogs are. They might just take a little more administration, that’s all.
Using a community blog creates excellent exposure for all who write for it, the subject it’s written on and so much more. was Chris Brogan’s brainchild, we took it and ran with it (thanks Chris) Tubu Internet Solutions was kind enough to step up and offer free, immediate hosting and off it went. Like a child out into the big bad world.
Chris has a community blog written fathers at (see graph below for popularity proof).

Make it an online magazine! There are enough magazine style WordPress templates out there. Think of it as a group of authors.

What would you start a community blog about? Why haven’t you started one? (check out Tubu’s blogging packages)

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