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Just a quick note, mostly for my own reference (like a lot of posts on this blog) but you’re welcome to it too. is a pretty slick, very popular site that sells sports injury products, physiotherapy supplies and rehabilitation equipment.

Right, I’m not into sports medicine and it’s not likely that you are either/. The things that interested me most about the site were the first aid kits, the interactivity and expert advice.

Not only does PhysioRoom sell First Aid Kits but they sell the supplies for the kits (nice).

There is expert advice all over the site from real sports injury professionals.

There’s a handy area, right in the middle of the front page, to “Click where it hurts” to direct you to the right products and treatment.

I have only two slightly negative comments regarding the site.
The title – “Sports Injury Shop” just doesn’t sound right.
The logo – Could it be misconstrued? (possibly a little adult?)

But I’m picky. .

Oh, and the best thing of all – they have the wonder that is the English Premiere League Injury Table!

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