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(ARA) – So you got the new iPod or iPhone for that special someone this holiday season and the next step will be for them to fire up iTunes, and upload all of their favorite music to it. But you know from your own experience that organizing songs with the correct track, artist and cover art can be a challenge. What if there was an easy solution that did all the hard work for you?

“iTunes and the iPod have clearly revolutionized the way we consume music, but there is always room for improvement. When you search your iPod for a favorite band, you want to see album cover art and you don’t want their songs to show up under 10 variations of its name,” says Gabe Adiv, Chief Executive Officer of TuneUp, a popular iTunes plug-in solution. “These are the most common issues iPod users face and correcting them should be fast and easy.  That’s why we created TuneUp.”

TuneUp is the most popular iTunes plug-in for Windows and has recently become available for Mac users as well. “I’m a fastidious MP3 collector – I’m a music history teacher, buff and full-time nerd, so I’ve spent hours cleaning up my own tracks,” says TuneUp user Nathan Sutton. “Tuneup has saved my life — and my time.”
The following common issues can be fixed automatically on your iPod, making your music experience even better:

Problem 1) Mislabeled song information
Do you find you have songs labeled Track_01 instead of by their proper names, tracks by “Various Artists”, or three different names for a band — “Beatles” versus “The Beetles” versus “Beatles, The”? Clean up the mess and get the right info in seconds.

TuneUp uses an “audio fingerprint” of mislabeled tracks in a user’s library and automatically fills in the missing information using Gracenote’s database of more than 90 million songs. Simply drag tracks on to the “clean” tab in iTunes and it fetches the right song information in about a second.

Problem 2) Missing album cover art
Having the album cover art for your music makes a song and artist come alive and music browsing more fun. Many people have iPods full of albums with missing cover art and finding them on the Internet is time consuming and frustrating.

Besides fixing mislabeled tracks, the program will seek out and find missing cover art for any album in your music library. In just a few minutes TuneUp, turns your music collection into an art gallery, the way artists meant it to be.

“Once a user’s library has been cleaned, TuneUp provides other valuable content. It provides automatic local concert alerts for every artist in a collection, and fetches related YouTube videos, Google news and Wikipedia bios related to any playing track,” says Adiv. “Best of all, it’s done by design, without asking users to fill out extra forms or create lists of favorite artists and albums from scratch.”

“TuneUp has been a huge help in cleaning up my tunes and getting the album art on my iPhone,” says user Pete Athens.

Since its launch in July, TuneUp has “cleaned” more than 30 million tracks. You can try a free version that will clean up to 500 songs and locate 50 album covers. Visit to learn more and try it out today.

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