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Yes, Microsoft makes software that sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. It can be bloated, ill-programmed, half finished and terribly expensive.

Microsoft has captured the market though, they have a massive market share in many arenas from gaming to productivity and of course operating systems.

I’m a Microsoft person. I’m writing this in Windows Live Writer right now on a Windows XP Pro Laptop.

Not everything Microsoft does overly expensive though, they have quite a list of completely free software, some of it enhances your Windows Operating system, some teaks your Office applications, there is security software and more.

Some of my favorite applications are:

Alt+Tab Replacement – enhances your application switching in Windows.

Image Resizer – resize pictures with just a right click

Location Finder – tells you the location of your computer and Wi-Fi (actually, it’s cooler than that)

Movie Maker – edit, publish, add effects, transitions and more to your home movies.

Office Accounting 2007 – a very basic Office Accounting Application

Snip-It – Highlight text in Internet Explorer and email it right out of there.

TweakUI – excellent Windows tweaking app. Make Windows do what you want it to.

Virtual Desktop Manager – run up to 4 desktops from one.

WebCam Timer Shot – Automate webcam picture taking, auto-post pics too

Windows Live Writer – an underappreciated Blogging desktop application that posts to your blog. Like Word for WordPress 🙂


There’s a pretty comprehensive list with a lot more on it here too.


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