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One of the devices featured at CES this year was the Pogoplug, a device that connects your external storage device or thumb drive to your network and the web.

Currently on pre-order for just under $80 the Pogoplug plugs into any outlet in your home, an Ethernet cord connects to your home router, plug in a storage device and there you go – network storage!

What’s nice is you get to select and change the storage whenever you want. You’re not tied into a specific type or size.

It’s web accessible too! The beauty of this is that the Pogoplug itself sets up the routing through your router through the web interface, keeping your network secure and keeping setup simple.

There is iPhone accessibility. You can save media to and access media from he Pogoplug via your iPhone.

It’s well worth checking out – I’m seriously thinking about getting one.


See the Pogoplug here

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