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Digital Video Recorders have come a long way in recent years. What started out being dominated by a single brand (TIVO) has now become pretty diverse.

I love my DVR, I really couldn’t live without it. It’s a Comcast box, I have Comcast broadband and Digital Cable, while the DVR is good it’s not up to par with the other players in the DVR Market.

Comcast is competing with Verizon and TIVO who both offer DVR Service with a few bells and whistles like scheduling recording over your phone or computer. The interface leaves more than a little to be desired too.

Apparently, according to Comcast this is all in the works but why has it taken them so very, very long to get it in place? As one of the largest media companies in the country I’d have thought they’d be more on the ball.

Hopefully Comcast is taking it’s time to go a step or two beyond the current standards. I don’t see them partnering with Netflix, they have their own online streaming in (also Netflix streams to TIVO) but i hope they’ll work on streaming media, online scheduling, suggestions, the interface, and more.

What do you think? do you have suggestions for Comcast and their DVR Service?

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