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Times are hard, there’s no doubt. Businesses are finding it harder and harder to keep their heads above water. Many companies are finding it hard to find credit to make payroll and purchase what they need in inventory, stock and supplies. Banks just aren’t giving out the money. Some don’t have it, others have been burned by loans that can’t be paid back.

Either way, it’s harder and harder to find money when you need it.

Has your business had to tighten it’s purse strings? have you noticed differences?

Are you self employed and found that you’ve had to take ‘traditional’ part time work?

Are you a small business owner who had had to make cutbacks? lay off staff or even close down altogether?

How are you staying afloat? to take a line from Apple, businesses are finding that you have to “Think Different””  are you thinking different?

If your business isn’t processing credit cards this might be a good time to start (yes, there are business that don’t take cards) an alternate payment method is still a payment method, right?

There are still places out there who have less stringent guidelines on issuing Small Business Loans, maybe try a place other than a traditional bank.


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