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It’s only about 0530, I’ve been up for about a half an hour and already today has been a day full of branding. I wonder if it will continue that way.

So, let me see if I can formulate this post, bleary eyed and watching Current TV.

@ComcastCares commented on a post I wrote yesterday. Why? because my posts post themselves to Twitter, there is a department at Comcast who monitors Twitter, they noticed my post, read it and commented. (see it here) Hopefully Comcast will take note and listen to me. Wait while I hold my breath <gasp>.

Paul Dunay wrote a post containing a list of brands on Twitter [here] it’s  pretty comprehensive list of the brands that are on Twitter.
With my marketing hat on I wondered if I should add @TechBurgh on there, it’s a brand. It’s a public, front end for Tubu Internet Solutions. .

I got to thinking though, why isn’t @ChrisBrogan on the list, or @OwenC, @JustinKownacki, or, well, everyone on Twitter!

Yes, I realize there’s a difference between @techburgh and @Starbucks but shouldn’t there be something more of a definition between a brand on Twitter and an enterprise on Twitter?

I think it would very hard to define brand with respect to social media without separating business branding and personal branding however, if you do that don’t you take the personal out of the business?

What do you think?

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