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New Free Self-Control Tool Helps Social Media Addicts, Shopaholics
and Gamers Avoid Favorite Sites So They Get Work Done

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Jan. 13, 2009 — According to’s
2008 Wasting Time Survey, browsing websites not related to
their work is the most common way employees waste time on
the job – confessed to 15 percent more often in the survey
than socializing with co-workers. This behavior costs U.S.
companies billions of dollars every year in lost
productivity. And for employees who want to get ahead,
out-of-control web surfing costs them the chance to shine on
the job. A new software program, downloadable free from, helps those who want to stop visiting
MySpace, shopping for bargains, playing online games or
checking the stock market get their work done for any
specific time period they set ("At a popular online message board one day, I saw a member
ask the site administrator to block them from the site
because they were wasting too much time there," says Levi
Loren, creator of URL Blocker,’s new
self-control software program. "I realized how strong
website addiction can be and decided to make something that
helps people stay away and get things done."

The URL Blocker lets the user choose which site or sites to
block according to a date or number of minutes or hours that
they also choose. Once a block is activated, the user cannot
de-activate it except by uninstalling the program. "This
lets someone say, ‘I need to finish that report, so I’ll set
up URL Blocker to block Facebook, Bookmaker and
for the next five hours,’" explains Loren.

The URL Blocker works for all Windows-based computers, and
unlike other blocking software, takes effect automatically
on both Internet Explorer and Firefox. The program includes
password protection, preventing others from blocking web
browsing without the user’s knowledge or permission. No data
is collected before users can download the program, and the
URL Blocker shows no ads. "It’s 100% free," Loren notes.

"We’re looking forward to hearing a lot of success stories
about how people were able to keep their New Year’s
resolution of not wasting time or procrastinating," says
Loren. "Self-policing works much better than the company or
boss preventing people from going to their favorite sites
during work hours. With the URL Blocker employees can set
aside the time to get their work done and then reward
themselves by going to YouTube.", which created and is offering the free
download of URL Blocker, is also the publisher of a popular
DVD with step-by-step instructions on how to build, upgrade,
repair, and speed up your computer. The new self-control
program aligns with’s mission of helping
people get the most out of their computers.

To download a free copy of URL Blocker, simply visit:

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