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A new custom t-shirts design and printing site launched recently (yes, another). makes T-Shirt a little different to a lot of the custom apparel stores I’ve seen. They make it just a little different though.

First, the site is nicely designed and easy to navigate. It’s colorful and well designed, which is something that is nice to see from a design store.

There is a lot of cool apparel too in various colors. Underwear, shirts, shorts, sweaters, hoodies, etc. (right, similar to some of the other stores).

It’s the designer that makes the difference, at least for me. It’s quick, slick and easy to use. There are a lot of not-too-shabby looking designs already in the site for you to drop onto your clothing. Changing the colors of the clothing and designs is just a click away.

Design sizing seems to be a lot more liberal than I’ve seen. The designs aren’t just dropped in a small area in the middle of the shirt – it covers quite an area and it easily resizable.

Prices don’t seem to be too bad, they seem to vary per design. I spotted some pricing as low as about $14 (one design, plain shirt).

I’m thinking about getting some TechBurgh and Tubu clothing done somewhere. I think I’ll certainly check this place out.

Give it a shot.

Author: Andy Quayle

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