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SPRINGVILLE, Utah, Jan. 16, 2009 — U.S. military troops
deployed overseas can now use their Webcams to talk with
their families back home, without having to download
software packages that may not pass muster with command
cybernet security requirements.

Barry Steed, CEO/President of NCB International, provider of
VetCam, says, "America has the best business and technology
in the world today. It is our responsibility to do our part
and say thank you."

The American Legion has launched "VetCam," a free Webcam
service that enables service members and veterans to talk
face-to-face on their personal computers with friends and
family. Once VetCam users register online, they can connect
with two Webcams and use the service 24/7 from any Internet
"Webcams have been around for a while, but many required
downloading software to make them work," said David K.
Rehbein, national commander of The American Legion. "We want
our troops, our veterans, and their families to be able to
enjoy the pleasure of talking face-to-face with their loved
ones – anywhere in the world – with just a couple of mouse

"Next to actually being there, seeing and talking with your
spouse and kids, mom and dad, and best friends are
morale-boosters prior generations of veterans never had,"
Rehbein said.

To initiate the service, a user needs a Webcam or computer
with built-in Webcam. Then, just register and start
communicating. Once registered, simply log in at any time to
connect. (You can watch a short demonstration video of how
to use VetCam.) For more information, please visit:

All members of the U.S. Armed Forces (active duty, reserve
and National Guard), members of The American Legion, and
their families and friends are welcome to use VetCam.

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