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I spotted this video on Current TV this morning. it’s a mini-documentary about an apparent Twitter Super User (not too sure about that) and a guy who tweets as buxom blonde.

Now, thought I have thought about it, it rarely strikes me that the the person tweeting may not be who they claim to be. I don’t know why I don;t think of this as much on Twitter as I do on n other forums but that’s how it is and it is something to be considered.

Mind you I think the chances of a father of 5 following me on Twitter are better than that of a buxom blonde.

Do you ever consider that the person following you, you’re following, tweeting, @ing, and DMing on Twitter is who they claim to be?

Does Twitter deserve the same skepticism and semi-paranoia as Yahoo Chat Rooms?

Personally I’m not too keen on those people who take on a completely different persona for whatever reason online and aren’t upfront about it.

Otherwise take a look at the documentary, it’s rather well done and pretty informative. Kudos to Opencontent.

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