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Here’s an interesting concept from Yanko Design.

A shoulder mounted Rocket Launcher-eqsue gun that shoots a nozzle, extending the water’s reachup to 30 meters (nearly 100 feet), trailing the hose behind to quickly get water to hard to access places.

It’s a nice idea ‘n all but, as it stands I don’t see it working all that well (not that it wouldn’t be fun to try).



There are a number of problems.

  • Hose is very heavy, shooting it like that would easily knock you off your feet because of the pressure needed to hurl a nozzle any distance.
  • It would be dangerous, the hose whipping past you as the nozzle hurtles towards it’s intended target would be frightening.
  • When a fire hose is ‘charged’ (filled with water) it tries it’s darndest to straighten. This will send the nozzle straight up in the air and likely flailing around.
  • There’s no control.
  • You’re assuming the target, say a window, is breakable or open. If it’s not you’re going to end up with falling mess.
  • You don’t know what’d in the target area to make the situation worse.
  • Don’t give a fireman a gun! it’s asking for trouble :-p
  • There are a few other things too – I’m sure my fellow firefighters can think of something to drop in the comments.

What do you think?


See the design here

  • Firehose, Meet Fire Missile Launcher [Concepts]
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