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There’s a great post on SharkSEO about SEO Myths. In it a number of SEO Gurus are asked what they think the biggest SEO Myths are.

Some of the answers that stood out to me and that I have been preaching to people for a long time now are:

  • Meta Keywords Matter (they really don’t)
  • Submitting your site to search engines is critical (it’s not, search engines search, it’s what they do)
  • “We’ll fix your SEO for $500” – no, they won’t, SEO Changes, your site changes. You need to change too.

It’s an interesting port – you should check it out. See it here

  • iWebTemplate adds SEO and Google Tool Sets for Enterprise and Developers
  • SEW Experts: Keyword Research for Search Engine Optimization
  • Cybertegic’s Search Engine Optimization Services Puts in Top Search Engine Results
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