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Library and archival site to provide access to
broadcast-quality educational sessions (including full
video, downloadable session materials, transcripts and more)
for database technology professionals

TUCSON, Ariz., Jan. 21, 2009 — SSWUG.ORG (SQL Server
Worldwide User’s Group), the biggest online community site
for database and development professionals in the world, is
adding to their arsenal of indispensable information in 2009
with the rollout of ITUplink. The creation of database
expert, author and SSWUG founder Stephen Wynkoop, ITUplink
provides access to high-quality teaching videos online.

"After the success of the online conferences we hosted in
2008, we ended up with a virtual warehouse of technological
educational materials that we wanted to continue to make
available to professionals, schools, companies – entities
that would benefit from all this really high-quality,
specialized information. We also have a full production
schedule for new, ITUplink-specific content to be added
throughout the year," explains Michaela Steed, Product
Manager for ITUplink.
Initially, ITUplink will offer over 30 hours of content
including materials from the SSWUG.ORG June 2008 virtual
conference, including sessions by "well-known book authors,
Microsoft MVPs and recognized industry experts," according
to Chris Shaw, SSWUG’s Site Manager. Available as a
subscription service, the website offers informational
videos with over 120 hours of additional content to be added
throughout 2009, along with transcripts and other
downloadable materials.

ITUplink subscribers will have at their fingertips a
warehouse of high-impact educational sessions by industry
heavy-hitters such as Paul Nielsen (SQL Server Instructor at
Learning Tree International and Microsoft SQL Server MVP),
Ted Malone (Product Strategy Architect for Configuresoft,
Inc.), Jonathan Bruce (Program Manager at DataDirect
Technologies) and Kathi Kellenberger (DBA for Bryan Cave LLP
and frequent contributor to SQL Server Standard Magazine),
among many other equally distinguished IT experts.

The ITUplink subscription service offers monthly, quarterly
and yearly programs, designed so that users can learn at
their own pace and easily take advantage of the library’s
materials whenever suits their needs. After the service’s
initial rollout in January, ITUplink will have a schedule of
release dates for exclusive new materials posted on the home
page ( In addition, there will be a
rating system for videos and a community board for feedback
from subscribers as well as their "wish lists."

With an eye toward providing access to a large library of
technical videos at an affordable price, Wynkoop and his
staff have expanded on their original goal of presenting
database-specific IT expertise in a broadcast-quality
format. ITUplink is the next logical step in the SSWUG
team’s quest to fulfill the ever-growing needs of the IT

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