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hmmm how to explain this one. Correct me if I’m wrong of if you have a better explanation.

An image (in reference too media) is the data on a disk or drive, all in one place, all in one file.

Normally to use the files contained in an image file you’d have to copy it in a special lway to oa CD or DVD, however there are ways to mount an image so that it shows up on your computer as another drive without spending the time burning the files to a disk.

I use image mounting tools in my arsenal of computer fixing stuff. Sometimes you don’t have a blank disk or your client doesn’t have a DVD or you just want to save a little time when installing files.

It’s such a handy feature that Windows 7 plans to support it natively, giving you the option to create virtual drives like this within the operating system.

A handy little application is Gizmo Drive, it makes it pretty easy to mount the drive you need and give it a letter and remount it on startup.

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