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I threw a question out on Twitter and got a couple of responses yesterday (I rarely get responses but I was happy I did 🙂 ). I asked “Are SEO ‘Gurus’ like used car salesmen?” the responses I received were all emphatic Yes’!

I planned on writing this post sometime soon (or whenever I got around to it) but when I saw a relative article in Small Business Trends I just had to get it out there.

I do not now, or have ever claimed to be an SEO expert or guru. I can hold my own, I’ve given (free) talks on the subject, consulted with clients and pointed people in the right direction and gained those involved positive results.

I’m often wary of SEO companies and those who claim to be SEO professionals. To me, selling SEO is like selling bottled water. The free stuff gets the job done just as well and you can do and find the free stuff yourself. (huh, that’s a pretty good analogy)

I do know people in SEO who are very knowledgeable and think up things I don’t. Maybe that’s where the difference is?

The Small Business Trends post is on the topic on SEO Trends for 2009 and highlights a number of industry trends. A couple of points stuck out to me, SEO Scams and moving SEO In-house.

If you’re paying $200 to an SEO company for Search Engine Submittal you’re dealing with the wrong people and likely need to have your head examined. There are all kinds of SEO scams, the business can be very vague and has been built up as something that only the elite in the arena know. This is why people are scammed so very easily.

Of course companies are, and will move SEO in-house because they’re realizing what I pointed out earlier – it can be done by your internal staff with just as good a result.

Before SEO people and their companies go off on me and leave all kinds of comments (I hope you do) I can see a time and place for SEO consultation.
Maybe charge for speakingto an audience at an event.
Show a company what they should be using in their page titles and what forums they need to be using and how to phrase tags.

Do you see SEO people like Car Salesmen?

How do you legitimately charge for SEO services?


See the Small Business Trends post here

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