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I’ve been a user of Google’s GrandCentral phone system for some time now. It handles the majority of my voicemail on a daily basis as well as filtering the calls I want to take as they come in.

Recently though, when logging into GrandCentral’s web site there has been a few errors on the site popping up.

Sadly these errors have been just the latest in a line of problems with a service that Google has let build up since it bought GrandCentral a year or two ago. For a time it seemed that Google just let the service sit and rot with nothing new happening, no invites and no responses to any email or questions on forums.

Google is now claiming that a new version of GrandCentral will be hitting the web very, very soon.

I can’t wait! I’ll keep checking in and reporting on what happens.

See more about GrandCentral here

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