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Subject picked at random because I just saw it on TV.

image If you have a TV I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials “simply send off your old broken and unwanted jewelry” and they send you cash.

Now, I’m not much into jewelry, in fact I’m not into jewelry at all and any commercial made like this does then to make me more than slightly skeptical.

I know people who have been to ‘gold parties’ and sold their unwanted jewelry in person and local Churches have had events similar to this too and from what I’ve seen they’ve been really busy. Right, times are hard and people are trying to get whatever cash they can.

My question is, if you seen a TV commercial advertising services such as this is a web site likely to help make a sale? would you get right on the site or simply dismiss it all?

To me does seem more reputable than some ‘As Seen On TV’ sites because the address contains no /’s. It irks me when you see what is obviously a template commercial telling you to go to “This web site” and they badly dub over showing there’s something not quite right somewhere. 

There are a couple of other things that goes which helps with their legitimacy (as any company should have on their site) a toll free number, testimonials, privacy certifications, an actual mailing address (along with hours of operation).

Yes, apparently Cash4Gold has been around for years and has been in 500 Magazine etc. but does their web site want to make you use them to raid your jewelry drawer and change it into Gold Cash? Does the site help the commercial (or visa versa)?

Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
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