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SANTA ROSA BEACH, Fla., Jan. 26, 2009 — Relax Relax, Inc.
announces the launch of
) SMS text messaging website, to
allow website owners a way to send SMS text messages to
subscribers who have opted in to receive alerts.

Cell Phone Texting communication is growing in popularity,
with entertainers, churches, and even political candidates
looking to engage the public. A prime example of the power
of texting was during the U.S. Presidential election with
many people responding to funding requests for President
Obama via SMS texting.

The first big announcement text went out regarding the
appointment of VP Joe Biden, reaching an audience of 2.9
million. In this instance, text worked much better than a
standard email, which would have been classed as old news by
the time the recipient had read an email message.
" solves the problem of integration of SMS
text into a website. What better way for a business to
stimulate the market than with an instant, wanted, personal
text message," said Mike McGuinness, VP of sales at The list of uses is widespread – sales
messages for time-sensitive special offers, change of time
or venue for meetings, perhaps church services. McGuinness
said, " customers can test the system for
free, with a small fee per message based on the number of
subscribers wishing to receive messages. It’s simple to use,
and free to try."

Website owners can use to insert a subscriber
box on their website, then log in to the
account to send the SMS text message to the opted-in
subscriber. The numbers support the potential for’s future success: According to the latest
industry figures, British mobile phone users are sending on
average 6.5 billion text messages per month, up to 217
million messages a day.

For further information about, contact Mike
McGuinness at or visit

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