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Any guy knows, there is a pretty regular time of the month when a certain household dynamic changes. Attitudes change, things become a little more tense and well…. there’s nothing you can do right and certainly nothing you can do without invoking some sort of horrible, horrible wrath.

It happens to most women throughout life. To different extents but it happens.

Now there’s a web site to help a guy through these trying times. is pretty much a timely reminder service with a difference.

Upon signing up for free you’re asked a couple of questions and given the option to put in al the women in your life. For each woman you put in the age and when their last cycle started (the most difficult part of the process, be careful if you have to ask). The site will send you an email a few days before the… event…to remind you.

There are tips, stories and even a store.

It’s the advertising that gives me a kick. There are ads from Hotwire (i.e get the heck out of there) 1800Flowers (make nice) and (think of England).

It’s an excellent idea. Not just got guys, it’s a good idea for women to use it too to gauge and women they know. It’s well worded and well put together.


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