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Guest post from Mark Cibulka

I always see a lot of blogs and tweets about PNC Banks Virtual Wallet and it’s usually followed by, “…if only there was an iPhone app…”

Well today I bring good news for PNC customers; the PNC mobile iPhone App is here!


But just how good is it?

Well it’s simple and functional, so overall it does what most people would want it to do and it works with an ordinary PNC account and virtual wallet accounts.






The bottom of the screen lists five features, Accounts, Payments, Transfers, Locate PNC and Get Help.

Accounts: shows all of your account and is the default screen.

  • This is the main screen and lists all of your accounts Checking, Savings, PNC Credit Card if you have one etc… with the available amounts in each category.

Payments: is for on-line bill pay.

Transfers: let’s you move money between accounts, and not just PNC accounts

Locate: PNC uses the iPhone 3G’s GPS to determine the nearest PNC ATM or Branch

Get Help: a help menu

It is easy to set up and the interface is clear and simple, but there is room for improvement.

Here are some notes:

  • Error messages when trying to use Payments screen
   <li>     <p>You have to enroll through on-line banking first before you even download the app.</p>   </li>    <li>     <p>It doesn’t save you login information so you must login every time the app is opened.</p>   </li>    <li>     <p>When you look at recent activity it doesn’t list what the transaction is for like does it just shows a transaction number or ACH reference number, but no actual names like Target, Giant Eagle etc…</p>   </li>

I know a lot of Virtual Wallet users are disappointed that there accounts won’t transfer to, and I don’t expect they will be, but for quick banking needs like checking account balances, quick money transfers and on-line Bill Pay (if it works correctly) the PNC mobile app for iPhone and iPod touch is a good tool for quick on the go banking.

Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
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