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Whether you like football or not the Superbowl ads are always at the very least entertaining to watch.
NBC raked in record revenue this year with more than $206 million generated by the ever popular, much anticipated ads.

As soon as the advertisements show on television they appear online in various formats, officially and unofficially.

NBC made good use of it’s Hulu video service again this year, posting each commercial to be viewable in all it’s legal, official, streaming glory.

Of course many sites are making good use of the exposure too. 
Naturally they’re all over Youtube
FanHouse has a special Site
– Spike TV has a compilation
– See some on Google Video too

Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
Known globally as a willing source for tech news and views, Andy takes great pride in consultation and education.

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