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There are a lot of financial help blogs popping up. Many people are offering their expertise, opinions, advice and experiences in the form of a blog.

One that crossed my desk is the Financial Advice blog. It’s “your financial guide to debt relief”.

The blog is a well written resource offering lots of quality content. It’s been around since September 2008 with a couple of months under it’s belt it’s not really ranking yet but it’ll get there if they keep going the way they are.

A couple of thins the writers might want to consider to step the blog up pa notch would be:

Consider the design. It’s a little bland and narrow. There are many free designs out there that can do a wonderful job.

Add some pictures to the posts. it would spruce them up some and help a little with the blog SEO.

Add an about page. it would be nice if we knew who was giving us the advice.

Open the comments. It makes me sad to see a blog with closed comments. get some feedback!



p>What do you think? Any input for the blog authors?

Author: Andy Quayle

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