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Over the years marketing has changed. Until I started to think about it I didn’t realize just how much marketing has changed.
Even throughout my lifetime I’ve seen changes in approaches and trends.

Infomercials aren’t so prominent, cold calling isn’t such a standard any more, commercials and advertisements in general have changed.

I think it takes a mix of strategies to reach a goal and companies are starting to realize this. Marketing companies are not only offering just one approach and targeting one approach, they’re using a variety of resources. Some, like the F9 group even mix up different traditional approaches in one product.

F9 offers Direct Response Marketing products, some are even helpful and can save companies money.

Amidst al the recent product recalls I know of a company who actually called customers who purchased a possibly tainted product to alert them to the recall. Retail Voice Broadcasting systems like this are rare but are becoming more common as companies need to relay information quickly and with more ease to their customers.

Make marketing local. You may not think of it as marketing but directing customers to a resource or a location nearest to them often proves very positive.
If you have a central phone number it’s a good idea for customers to be able to find your office nearest to them as well as tracking how calls were routed, seeing which locations receive the highest call traffic and how calls were responded to.

Are you marketing? What forms are you finding work best for your business.


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Author: Andy Quayle

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