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ATLANTA, Feb. 11, 2009 — Applied Answers, Inc., developer
of FileGenius(R), announced today they would donate
resources to support
), a media outlet that is
dedicated to raising awareness for virtual, online file
transfer as a green initiative.

FileGenius(R) represents significant green benefits for
businesses, eliminating non-recyclable containers and
packaging materials, as well as costly fuel-consuming ground
and air transportation. Founder and President, Keith
Bumgarner, said, “Businesses worldwide are looking for
alternatives to physical delivery of their documents, plans,
and other files. In addition to the obvious security issues,
they are driven by excessive costs, as well as their own
environmental consciousness. When you start looking for ways
to green your business there is little else I can think of
that compares to digital file transfer.”
Mr. Bumgarner went on to say their primary reason for
backing  is because file
transfer is virtually ignored as a major green initiative.
“If you Google file transfer and green you’ll come up with
less than five or six relevant articles or mentions of file
transfer and green initiatives. File transfer doesn’t make
it into‘s ’10 Ways to Green Your Business,’ nor’s ’50 Ways to Green Your Business.’ We don’t
understand this, so  will
be fighting what we consider one of the biggest oversights
in the green movement.

“The positive impact of using FileGenius(R) is huge. It’s
also more efficient than other so-called green initiatives
costing business owners and stockholders millions of dollars
while delivering marginal impact. When businesses look at
reducing their carbon footprint there’s a lot of ‘bang for
your buck’ with virtual technology. The cost is less than
$4/day while you significantly shorten your billing cycle,
forego costly overnight delivery expenses, eliminate the
increasing costs and burdens associated with FTP and email
attachments, and significantly aid the environment. All
this, for the ridiculous price of one cup of coffee, makes
virtual file transfer a slam-dunk for any organization.”

Mr. Bumgarner challenged every responsible business to take
a hard look at this.

FileGenius(R) is a web-based file transfer and exchange
solution, compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and all major
web browsers. Offering unmatched ease-of-use as well as
enterprise-level security and incredible value,
FileGenius(R) is the business-preferred alternative to FTP
and email-based file transfers.




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