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New Website Launches, Making Life Easy for
Brides (or Grooms) Looking to Change Their Name After

Billed as “the simple, quick, and secure way to change your
maiden name to your new married name online,” NameBirdie
takes the guess work out of the maiden name change process
by offering newlyweds an affordable, easy-to-use, web-based
solution for preparing their name-change documents.

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 11, 2009 —, an online name
change service made specifically for newlyweds, officially
launched after a successful Beta period giving new brides,
and even some grooms, the perfect reason to complete the
once-complicated process of changing your last name after
marriage. In just 3 easy steps, users can quickly and easily
complete all the official federal and state forms required
to legally change their name, plus create personalized
notification letters for banks, credit card companies,
utility companies and more.

The idea for NameBirdie came when co-founder Brian Nolan
witnessed firsthand how long the name change process took
for his wife, Amber, when she tried to complete hers after
their wedding. “It took her hours to research and gather all
of the correct forms and fill them out by hand,” says Nolan,
“not to mention the aggravation she experienced when one of
the forms was filled out incorrectly and sent back to her
weeks later delaying the whole process.”
NameBirdie solves those problems by automatically completing
the official government name change forms using information
provided by users in their easy-to-use online application.
The forms and letters are instantly prepared and are ready
to review and print. Simple instructions are also provided
with each form and letter, guiding users on how and where to
file each one. The service supports all 50 states and the
District of Columbia, and offers users the forms needed to
change their last name on their social security card, U.S.
passport, IRS records, state driver’s license and more.

With security of its customers’ personal and sensitive
information of top concern, NameBirdie has taken various
measures to protect the information by integrating products
and services from top Internet security companies like
McAfee Secure (formally HackerSafe) and VeriSign.
Additionally, NameBirdie allows users not comfortable with
submitting sensitive data online to simply skip those
questions during the interview and write in their answers
directly on the printed forms.

NameBirdie also offers gift cards for its maiden name change
service, which make perfect bridal shower or wedding gifts.
Gift cards can be purchased and redeemed on their website.

“I’m glad we can offer a service to help out the millions of
people per year who want to change their name after
marriage, but don’t have the time or don’t know where to
start,” concludes Nolan. “Now anyone can have all their
forms and letters done in less than an hour!”

NameBirdie offers various packages starting at just $24.95.
An affiliate program is also available for qualified
merchants. For more information, please visit




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