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HOUSTON, Feb. 11, 2009 — To open new markets for developers
and offer business and IT professionals real value,
click2try has launched an Open Source software Community Web
site that makes it easy to find, try, evaluate and use Open
Source software – for free. Unique in its delivery,
click2try bypasses the typical Open Source software
download. Free access to Open Source software applications
on click2try occurs in a private, virtual environment
instead. Pre-configured, fully functional applications are
hosted on click2try’s servers and run right from a user’s
desktop. Developers benefit from an expanded user base as
more professionals experience the benefits, see the value,
and contribute to the growing popularity of Open Source

Open Source software listed in click2try catalog

Users access software applications through a searchable,
dynamic catalog. More than a simple Open Source software
list, the comprehensive click2try catalog contains
applications that address key business needs and deliver the
most value. The catalog also provides the features and
benefits of each application, all pertinent information
available, and a wide range of support resources in one
convenient location. From the Open Source software listing,
users simply “click2try” any application for free.
click2try fosters Community forum, Open Source solutions

“Knowing that the Open Source software Community has
developed effective, sophisticated solutions that are
comparable to commercial software, we set out to bridge the
technical gap between developers and users,” says Mario
Grech, click2try president. “Through our forum, Open Source
developers and business and IT professionals can help each
other get the most out of Open Source technology. To enhance
that technology for the entire Community, we actively seek
developer involvement and offer them the ability to read
reviews of their software, gain insight from business users,
collaborate with their Open Source colleagues, and suggest
new applications to include in our catalog. By investing
significant resources in each Open Source software
application on our site, click2try ensures a simple and
reliable user experience that delivers immediate benefits.”

Software as a Service, virtualization, enabling technologies
deliver click2try value

Integrating Software as a Service (SaaS) and virtualization
with a sophisticated delivery platform, click2try provides
an efficient and economical Web-based environment for trying
Open Source software applications and eliminates typical
software headaches:

— Hardware purchases
— Software licenses
— Tedious software evaluation and selection processes
— Long downloads
— Complex installation procedures
— Risky software integration into user’s computer environment
— Difficult and lengthy transitions from testing to production
— Disruptive upgrades
— Lack of support

Temporary or persistent access available for click2try

Users interested in accessing click2try applications must
first sign up for free at  by simply
providing an e-mail address. click2try applications can be

— On a temporary basis

Users can effectively try and evaluate any click2try
application by receiving access for a limited time. At the
end of the trial period, the application expires along with
any data created. Until the application is upgraded to a
subscription plan with persistence, it can be restarted as
often as a user wishes, creating new data each time.

— On a persistent basis

Users who desire continual access to an application can
subscribe to a plan with features that meet their needs. The
security, back-up and total availability of any data created
will be managed on the click2try site for the duration of
the subscription. Starting at $40 per month, subscription
plan prices are based on the number of users, number of
concurrently running applications, and amount of disk
storage needed. Discounts are also offered for three- and
six-month subscriptions.

About click2try

click2try is a content-rich, Community-driven Web site for
sourcing, testing, evaluating, and hosting existing Open
Source software products on pre-configured virtual
appliances. With the most comprehensive collection of
information on selected Open Source software applications
online, click2try is committed to extending the access and
the usability of Open Source software to as many people as
possible by making it simple, reliable and economical to
use. For more information, visit 

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