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CORAM, N.Y., Feb. 16, 2009 — Leadership skills are a key
component in the attainment of a successful life, and a
person cannot become an effective leader without knowing who
they really are. In the new book, “Self-Confrontation,
Self-Discovery, Self-Authenticity, and Leadership: Discover
Who You Are And Transform The Leader In You” (published by
AuthorHouse –, Patrick Chudi
Okafor combines the process of developing facility for
leadership with an invitation to self-discovery,
self-growth, and self-empowerment.

This voyage — through a gradual exposition of common-sense,
classical leadership theories, motivational theories and
spiritual psychology — becomes a deep journey of self,
involving the physical, the rational, the psychological, and
the spiritual.Self-Confrontation, Self-Discovery, Self-Authenticity, and
Leadership” stresses that the development of leadership
skills is a lifelong quest. The underlying principles of
leadership are openness and honesty as to one’s own nature,
while continuously working towards becoming a leader. A good
leader is self-actuating and self-transforming.

Okafor explains how the Enneagram personality theory can
bring to light the unique impulses of each type of
personality and how such knowledge offers possibilities for
transformation. He maintains that the Enneagram theory shows
us how our personality is limited by compulsive behavior
patterns. Additionally, it uses the insight and lucidity of
psychology as a gateway to our deep spirituality. Okafor
utilizes the Enneagram personality theory in discussing the
personality profiles of several world leaders including
Mahatma Gandhi, Pope John Paul II and Martin Luther King,

In an exploration of spirituality in leadership,
“Self-Confrontation, Self-Discovery, Self-Authenticity, and
Leadership” offers the theorem that, although the idea of
spirituality as an aspect of leadership is new, the spirit
of one’s inner self has always been an intrinsic part of
leadership and the primary influence of good leadership
behaviors. Our spirituality is what ultimately guides our
leadership actions.

About the Author: Patrick Chudi Okafor holds a bachelor’s
degree in philosophy and master’s degrees in theology,
social and public policy. He holds a professional diploma
and a doctorate in educational administration and
supervision from St. John’s University, New York. He is
trained in clinical pastoral education and is a chaplain at
Stony Brook University Hospital, Long Island, N.Y. Okafor is
the president and a co-founder of Childhood Development
Initiative for Sub-Saharan Africa (CDISSA).

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