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CHICAGO, Feb. 16, 2009 — Persson Associates, in the
business of helping companies develop disaster recovery
plans since 1985, has just improved their web site to not
only offer simple, easy-to-use planning tools but at a cost
everyone can afford. The principal of the consulting
practice, Jan Persson — CDP, CBCP, has long been an
advocate that all businesses, no matter how large or small,
should implement the basic steps and procedures to help
recover from a disaster situation. The challenge is how to
make that happen. Unfortunately, the issue of cost often
deters companies from moving ahead. Now, there is no reason
for that being the case.

The products, or plan development “tools” (aka
Methodologies), offered by Persson Associates
.com) cover the main areas to
address: Data Centers and Business Units (aka Departments).
The tools are designed using an easy-to-follow set of
“templates” along with specific instructions, chapter by
chapter. This allows more of a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach
to plan development, which holds down the costs. They cover
the myriad of requirements from simple contact lists,
equipment requirements, emergency steps, to suggested
recovery action task lists. Everything needed to start the
plan development is included. This software (written in MS
Word by Microsoft) was chosen since it is the standard in
the industry, so most companies do not require any special
training to use it. That also holds down costs, which is a
central theme at Persson Associates.The products are low cost yet comprehensive. They are the
result of 25 years of plan development process fine-tuning
and simplification based on actual client work at Persson
Associates with over 300 companies. The satisfaction rate on
using the products is very high. In fact, recent customer
comments focus on the ease of use and thoroughness. Another
major benefit of using the products from Persson Associates
is that it is extremely quick to get started. A visit to the
web site allows the customer to purchase the specific
product they need, pay online, and download the product and
instructions. For any questions, full contact information is
available on the web site. Now all companies can afford to
start disaster recovery planning.

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